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Гайдуков В. А.

Gaidukov Victor Alexandrovich
Founder and President of the Foundation

ЦитатаBuilt the Baikal-Amur Main Line, then the oil pipelines in the north of the Tyumen Region. Now retired, moved to St. Petersburg and decided that it's time to think about the soul. He created charity fund "Charity to children", found like-minded people and now we help orphans.
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Secretary of the fund
Silukhina Irina

The secretary organizes the work of volunteers. Irina is pleased to pay attention to everyone, thanks to her our assistants feel like members of one big friendly team. Our secretary is always ready to connect you with any staff member of the fund, tell the coordinates of an organization, answer your questions.

Путь в благотворительностьHow I came to charity

From a young age I was worried about the problem of orphans and socially unprotected layers of the population. Unfortunately, in our country a very large number of people need support, both material and moral, but not always they know where to turn, how to ask for help. Therefore, I did not miss the chance to contribute to the organization of assistance to those who need it so much. Expensive is to see a smile on the face of a lonely old man, a child from an orphanage or the mother of a child who needs a vital treatment, and most importantly understand that the proportion of your labor in this is!

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Fund Manager
Saigushkina Elena Eduardovna

Contacting our manager, you will always learn about those interesting events that occur in our sponsored institutions, and, of course, about what can be helped. The manager deals with all organizational issues: the search for transport, the organization of excursions, master classes or, for example, ordering a treat for the holiday of children. Also the manager does everything to ensure that the friends of the fund know about our actions and events on time, update the information on the site.

Путь в благотворительностьHow I came to charity

In the modern world, especially in large cities, people are so busy with themselves that there is not enough time to think about others. I, like many others, had no idea of ​​charity. I looked for a job and happened to see a vacancy in Charity Fund "Charity to Children". The work immediately took hold of me, and changed my views on the world. I realized that there are many people who need help and support, that it is not difficult to make good deeds and there are also many people ready to respond and come to the rescue. Work has acquired a new meaning for me. It's nice to come home in the evening and understand that today's day was not in vain, that you are part of a team that really helps the needy and brings some more good into this world. Now I can safely say that I am proud of my work!

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Deputy Director of the Fund
Shurmanova Alexandra Alexandrovna

Alexandra is the most diplomatic officer, thanks to her our team works smoothly and efficiently. If you have a desire to get acquainted with the work of the fund more closely, visit our events, Alexandra will come to you with pleasure, bring documents and personally tell about all the most important and interesting things happening in the fund's activities. The coordinator also deals with the installation of boxes for donations.

Путь в благотворительностьHow I came to charity

My path to charity began in the first year (six years ago) from the Karelian fund "Mother's Heart". I always felt a craving for it, but I did not know where to start. It was not so important to me who to help: orphans and children left without parental care, lonely grandparents in a nursing home or people with disabilities. So I did everything in a little bit: I helped in the Children's Home No. 1, worked with wheelchair users, etc. Thus, having no opportunity to help financially or to take a specific child to the family, I became a volunteer and immediately realized that I wanted to connect with this his life. Every year I was more and more pleased to help, and in the end, I realized that it was time to do it "professionally". I saw a vacancy in the Charity Fund for Children, and immediately decided that I would not consider all other proposals. For more than three years I have been working in this Fund and I do not yet see myself in any other sphere.

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Executive Director of the Fund
Glotova Olga Vyacheslavovna

Olga is in direct contact with the responsible representatives of all our partners. No case is committed without the executive director, she is aware of all events and events held by the fund. Olga is always glad to see in the fund our benefactors and friends.

Путь в благотворительностьHow I came to charity

Since my youth, I have felt the desire to help those who need it, but I did not know where to begin my journey in this field. One day, spending the evening in meditation on this, I saw that one of the "special" children needed a volunteer. So the first step was taken. Every day I realized that this was my place and was convinced of the desire to work in this field. The next step was the project in the social network "VKontakte". I worked with them for two years. We collected money for the treatment of sick children, searched for clinics abroad, contacted doctors, in general, did everything to give the kids and their parents hope for a long happy life. Now I work in the Charity for Children Foundation. The longer I engage in charity, the clearer I understand that the world is not without good people. In this sphere, it is important to sincerely desire to help and work hard, but if it is for the job to be taken all together, then any task is feasible!

Телефон8 (812) 702-79-35, 8 (812) 909-39-11