Autonomous non-profit organization "Center for the Development and Rehabilitation of Children Bright City"

Children's Centers Bright City is a private non-profit organization. It helps children with disabilities who can not go to ordinary public kindergartens. For them, two Special gardens work: the Bright City and the Rainbow. Here, children can communicate, make friends, deal with their important children's affairs - so common for you and me so difficult to reach for children with disabilities. Specialists of the center do a lot of work with each of them, thanks to this special children have a real chance to learn and communicate with their regular peers.

Director: Nadezhda Samoilova

Contact phone numbers:
8 (905) 270-87-17 - Director, Nadezhda Samoilova
8 (911) 911-26-16 - Deputy Director, Victoria Arkhangelskaya
8 (911) 279-30-29 - Olga, the administrator of the kindergarten "Bright City"
8 (964) 380-50-02 - administrator of the Raduga kindergarten, Elena

Addresses Centers in St. Petersburg: st. Zaitseva d. 41 and st. Big Tithe d. 18/2.

Email address: