Department for orphans at the Children's City Clinical Hospital № 5 named. Filatov "

Children's City Clinical Hospital № 5 them. N.F. Filatov has a history since 1834. She became the first children's hospital in Russia and the second in the world after Paris. Prior to this, specialized children's hospitals did not exist per se. Therefore, the history of the KGB number 5 of them. N.F. Filatov is the story of the first children's hospital in Russia. In November 2016 in DGKB №5 them. N. F. Filatova began her work the only department in St. Petersburg that provides medical, social, and rehabilitation and pedagogical assistance to children left without parental care. At the moment, the department has been deployed for 15 beds; there are also two playing areas on the department with TVs and soft modular furniture, a dining room and a small classroom.

The children of this department were children up to five years old who were in a difficult life situation - they were left without parents, all alone in this big world. We believe that the created home comfort at the department, together with highly qualified medical care, will help young patients to recover and not lose hope and faith in the best.

Chief doctor - Isankina Lyudmila Nikolaevna

Tel: (812) 400-04-10

Address: St. Petersburg, Bukharestskaya St., 134. Email: