GKUZ LO "VESEVOLOGSKIY SPECIALIZED CHILD'S HOUSE" was opened in 1983. Designed for 105 children from 0 to 4 years. These are children abandoned by their parents, or the parents are sick, convicted, or deprived of parental rights. At the moment in the House of the Child there are 9 groups of babies and one insulator, there is a group of HIV-infected children. 30% of these children subsequently receive disability.

Every year, 50-60% of children are transferred to custody. The rest are distributed in children's orphanages.

Всеволожский дом ребенка — It is a medical institution where regular medical rehabilitation procedures are carried out. Pediatricians, neurologists, a massage therapist and a specialist in physical therapy, work with children.
Teachers, speech therapists, and music educators also work with children. But, unfortunately, the staff is staffed only by 50%.