Our mission

Our mission is to unite our and your efforts to help those who need it most: children who are deprived of parental care live in orphanages or boarding schools, seriously ill children from incomplete, unsuccessful families, and also to lonely elderly and disabled people.

Our goal is to try to change the plight of these "special" children and adults.

For this purpose, our fund and its friends-benefactors organize cultural and educational-entertaining programs for orphans and disabled children, develop programs to support graduates of orphanages and programs to stimulate academic progress, seek funds to provide children with disabilities with rehabilitation equipment, developing manuals and all necessary (clothes, diapers, medicines, personal hygiene products, etc.)

The team of our foundation and its benefactors believe and hope that everyone will once think about the fact that fate is unfair to these children and the elderly. If we all together help the most vulnerable and in desperate need of help systematically, we will try to understand the life and needs of such children and elderly people, then the level of quality of their lives will increase; orphans, children with physical or mental disabilities will not fear the "big" life and feel isolated and abandoned, it will be easier for them to find their place in life. We are in our power to support them!