Good news continues to flow into our foundation.

Pope Polina Vladislava shares with us the news about rehabilitation:

“Good afternoon, employees of Charity Fund“ Mercy to Children ”. So we have completed our rehabilitation course in the Spring Center. The completed course was very rich and fruitful. Vladislava tried very hard and achieved good results. I liked the massage, which removed the tone from the back, and thanks to physical therapy, I managed to pump up the back muscles. Learned to sit without support and work back. After hand therapy, the volume of movements in the hands increased. In the classes with a speech therapist, she was given the sounds of “c” and “h”, even the sound “w” is obtained. Dear employees of the foundation and all the good people who helped us, thank you for believing in our child and extending a helping hand. ”

Vladislav is now on the right path to recovery and we are proud of the little fighter!

Our Foundation and the parents of children wish all the virtues only the best, good and beautiful, a lot of happiness in their eyes and reciprocal goodness from the outside world and people!

Thanks to all those who do not remain indifferent and help our children!